Once more, with feeling

An open letter to NYC Mayor Eric Adams

I wrote to you before you became Mayor. Back then I was hoping you could avoid a continuation of the disastrous Rona policies of your predecessor, but no such luck. I am very grateful for what you are doing on the nutrition front, school nutrition etc., but I miss the Eric Adams who conquered his diabetes, and was so clear about how big pharma too often was the enemy of health, by merely suppressing symptoms and putting people on an endless treadmill of medication. Drug pushers is what you called them and their footfolk, the pharmacists. Yet now you made yourself the errand boy of big pharma, putting the interest of pharma shareholders above the health of New Yorkers. Let´s review:

  • We now know that the BKK health insurance company in Germany reported that 4-5 % of the vaccinated needed medical services for some of the adverse effects within a few months after vaccination. At that rate, the experience was about 10x higher than the official statistics of the Paul Ehrlich Institute.
  • We know also that masks and social distancing and lockdowns never worked, except to put hundreds of thousand businesses out of business. How do we know? States that did not do it fared better with Covid and with their economies.
  • We also know that the life insurance industry is seeing increased mortality in the working population since the vaccinations started, creating a strong impression that the cure is likely worse than the disease.
  • We also know that continued vaccinations are prolonging and intensifying the pandemic, we know this frim the work of Dr. Geert vanden Bossche, as summarized here by Dr. Paul Alexander. The simple fact is that because the vaccine is non-sterilizing, and cannot prevent transmission, i.e. because it is not actually a vaccine, it merely drives ongoing mutations of the virus, which are likely to get worse and more dangerous over time and go on forever. In short the vaccination mandates condemn the population to a never-ending pandemic.
  • We know that there is evidence of serious malfeasance in the clinical trials as has been reported by Edward Dowd and Brooke Jackson.
  • We know that there is serious litigation under way by attorney Thomas Renz, representing America´s Front Line Doctors and Make America Free Again.
  • The WHO, 93 Israeli doctors and the State of Florida are not allowing childhood vaccinations against Covid, because children clearly face more risk from the vaccines than from the virus.
  • We know that a UK group has filed charges in the International Criminal Court in the Hague against Fauci and a long list of other international actors with Crimes against humanity for their roles in the Covid policies.
  • I agree with Dr. Paul Alexander, that evidently we are on a course where children will have to die in numbers, before the vaccine is stopped. Apparently nobody will listen to anything else. Mass vaccination is making things worse all the way around, but apparently the numbers have to be very large before anyone is going to pay attention.
  • In other news, Steve Kirsch proposed the simple solution to the vaccine campaign, i.e. to require autopsies of anyone dying within 2 months of vaccination. This wil very quickly sort out if the excess deaths are due to the vaccines or an alien invasion,
  • Meanwhile we know that on the diet front, there is research to demonstrate that a whole foods, plant-based diet reduces the risk of moderate to severe Covid outcomes by 73%, even including fish (pescetarians) reduces that to 59% and at the other extreme, ketogenic diets increase the risk, as explained here by Dr. Brooke Goldner. It all makes sense for a non-inflammatory diet can prevent or reverse nearly all common chronic illnesses that are the comorbidities for Covid. The only pandemic is bad nutrition.
  • The entirely drug-free protocol of Dr. Nandita Shah of SHARAN India, is the demonstration of our body’s capability to overcome Covid and how we can support our immune system to overcome the illness.
  • Evidently, there is a whole host of potential prevention and early treatment options available, beginning with Vitamin D3 as either prevention, or part of the early treatment protocols. The upshot being that this disease is completely manageable, and there was never a reason for mass vaccination. In our panic we merely introduced unnecessary extra risk, not to mention we destroyed our economy. It is time to come to our senses.

There´s more, much more, but if you need to know anything else, just call. The big question now is how is New York City going to deal with the liability for vaccine injuries and provide healthcare for the victims. Those are the big issues your administration will have to deal with now.

Yours sincerely,
an erstwhile admirer

Rogier F. van Vlissingen, Bronx, NY.