Getting off the Highway to Hell

Common sense has been the biggest loser of the entire Covid experience. And the other is the medical profession. I think it is time to start over again from scratch, what happened here was unconscionable. From very early, it was obvious based purely on the actuarial data, that for healthy people under seventy, the idea of vaccination had more downside than up. It is almost incomprehensibly stupid that the initial response not only hesitated, but actively avoided, if not discouraged, prevention and early treatment and put all our chips on the development of a vaccine, which was not a certainty by any stretch of the imagination, and now, of course, it turns out to be a spectacular bust. Hundreds of thousands could have been saved.

We now know that more than likely the current Omicron variant is the way out of hell, as has been argued vociferously by many international experts including Dr. Geert vanden Bossche. In fact, those who have already been jabbed could end up resetting their immune systems thanks to Omicron, which is extremely mild in the majority of people.

One: Prevention

Repeat after me: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We know that switching to whole foods, plant-based diet stops the production of TMAO within three days as our intestinal flora and thus our immune system immediately becomes stronger. And the research showed a 73% reduction in risk of moderate to severe Covid in people who are on a plant-based diet.

And one of the many factors may indeed include the fact that people who know plant-based nutrition will incorporate Vitamin D3 supplements in their diet as a matter of course. And while it may take some motivation to convert to a plant-based diet, anyone could take some Vitamin D. More and more information is now coming out. In general deaths from respiratory infections might be cut in half with adequate Vitamin D supplementation.

Notice that with prevention we do not mean so much you could not get infected, but rather that your body is in a position to easily deal with it. Clearly, Vitamin D alone could be sufficient in bringing the pandemic under control, something the vaccines could not do.


  • The American College of Lifestyle Medicine has a very useful information page about Covid-19.
  • In general, if you want to switch to the plant-based lifestyle, there is a free mini course on Nutritionstudies which is highly recommended.
  • Another practical guide is the Four Leaf Survey, which is a self-inventory that allows you to steadily improve your diet until you reach 4-leaf status.
  • This Brett Weinstein video with Gruff Davies and Linda Benskin may just be the definitive word on the merits of Vitamin D. Vitamin D could have prevented at least 50% of all Covid-19 deaths in the eyes of these scientists, and if everyone were sufficient in Vitamin D.
  • In general, the focus here is on the terrain theory, on addressing the body´s innate capability to heal itself. There is a movie coming out soon Terrain The Film, with Dr. Sam Bailey. You can also find some of her excellent videos on Odysee.
  • Dr. Zev Zelenko straddles the line of prevention and early treatment, having protocols for both. In the UK, architect Robin Monotti has been prominent in this area. You can find a lot on his website Nullus Locus Sine Genio, including his Monotti Protocol, which was his prevention strategy to avoid the lockdowns. He collaborated with Eric Clapton on a channel Love not Fear on Telegram, where EC was the disc jockey, selecting inspiring music to help people get throug the darkest hours of the crisis. He also collaborated with Dr. Mike Yeadon to get the word out about the vaccines.

In short, there are effective prevention strategies that could have dealt with the problem to the point that there would be no pandemic.

Two: Early Treatment

There are countless sources for early treatment, which official sources completely and utterly, and totally unjustifiably ignored. I list some of the more important ones:

  • The single most instructive video is on the drug-free protocol of Dr. Nandita Shah at SHARAN India. It is especially helpful because it also explains the progression of the disease, and how the body is able to deal with it if your immune system is functional and properly supported.
  • Famous are the various videos by Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, and especially some of his interviews with Dr. Peter Breggin on Brighteon are particularly worthwhile. There is tons of useful information on his website. He definitely had some inspired ideas about early treatment and built up an impressive track record.
  • At the earliest stage of the disease various methods of nasal and oral flushes have been proposed, and they make sense, for you are cutting down the replication of the virus and giving your immune system a fighting chance. Here is Dr. Peter McCullough on oral/nasal flushes.
  • One of the great guides is the Home Treatment Guide from AAPSOnline, but there are several other medical organizations as well who offer solid guidance for early treatment.
  • One of the better organizations is FLCCC, and Dr. Pierre Kory plays a strong role in that organization.
  • Yet another good source is Americas Frontline Doctors.
  • Another good source on prevention and early treatment is Truth for Health.
  • Also in the responsible treatment camp are the World Doctors Alliance, which is calling for a complete cease and desist of all vaccinations.
  • Doctors for Covid Ethics is a group of doctors and scientists from 30+ countries who are making a valuable contribution also.

In short, prevention could have much reduced the seriousness of the disease, and the early treatment options could have vastly reduced the outcomes for those who developed serious symptoms.

Three: The Vaccine Conundrum

Even though it almost seems as if this cannot be discussed in polite company, the vaccines have become an embarrassing failure, and some who understand infectious disease and vaccinology understood this early on.

The bottom line is every vaccine always has side effects, so if you have a disease with an IFR of 0.15%, they are hard to justify, except that in this case there was a very steep risk stratification above 70, and especially with the number of comorbidities. There were some healthy centenarians who got over it alright. I have a friend who was 87 this past October, and he is a concentration camp survivor, but he takes good care of himself. He was over it in five days, as was I myself in March of ´21. Now you understand why Dr. Zelenko immediately focused on the most vulnerable and sent healthy people home with just a recommendation for Vitamin D and so on.

The adverse reactions to the vaccines are out of bounds. Past vaccination campaigns were halted long before we saw anything close to the levels of damage we are seeing today. Anyone can check the VAERS system, which is a voluntary report that is thought to capture maybe 5% of cases but it might be 1% or 10%. There is uncertainty about that. Regardless, the situation is intolerably bad, and Israel which was ahead of most of the world with vaccinations is now having second thoughts and realizing that herd immunity is the only realistic end game.

Dr. Geert vanden Bossche has been one of the leading voices in this regard. He has been calling on the WHO to not vaccinate against Omicron, which is the current, and very mild variant. Because of its usually mild symptoms, our immune systems can usually easily handle the load, and in the process, we would gain natural herd immunity, which basically would end the pandemic. The vaccines never could achieve that because they do not prevent either transmission or infection. If we keep on vaccinating, we will mess it up. Dr. Paul Alexander basically says whoever is continuing to take vaccines and boosters, is basically insane. His latest interview with Dr. Peter Breggin, is very very helpful.

Meanwhile, the world will be busy for a long time to recover from the vaccine injuries, where myocarditis is the principal, but hardly the only issue.

In all, all the interventions the world pursued have made matters worse, infinitely worse. One wonders how or why some of the politicians who conducted this fiasco could ever expect to be re-elected. Sweden remains the example. The highway to hell permanently wrecks people´s immune systems in favor of a vaccine subscription. Omicron provides the offramp and opens up a path to a more normal concept of health.

The Aftermath: Off to Court

From very early on I realized that this crisis would be ending with 10 or 20 years of litigation, most likely including criminal prosecutions. That is starting to happen now and it is to be hoped that this is carried out in earnest, so we could learn something from this episode.

  • In India, there is a criminal complaint against Bill Gates and Adar Poonawalla,
  • In the International Criminal Court in the Hague there is a criminal complaint against many of the leaders of the Gates/Fauci Pharma cartel, that engineered this hostile takeover by vaccine.
  • In Australia Sanjeev Sabhlok also attempted the ICC route. The court stonewalled him, but he is carrying on the fight. Australia is the extreme. It has become a province of China more or less.
  • In Australia also many vaccine injury claims are now being pursued in an organized effort against the government.
  • One of the best organizations that has helped the critique of the corona mess stay grounded and focused is without a doubt Pandata.
  • In the US various court actions have been successful and some not, but several times lockdown measures have been reversed for lacking any scientific base and causing more harm than they avoid. Make Americans Free Again got significant traction with its case in Ohio.
  • Another good source in the US on the legal front has been attorney Aaron Siri, who has been of counsel to ICAN. His blog is worth following. Things are ridiculous if they weren´t so painful.
  • ICAN is suing the CDC and HHS for withholding post-licensure vaccine safety data on COVID-19.
  • In this video Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA technology platform also explains why the vaccine mandates are illegal in the US.
  • The global legal and criminal effort is supported by the German Corona Ausschuss, and their information, now 85 weeks of about 5 hours worth of testimony every week, is available in German and English on Odysee.
  • And here goes with an open letter to US medical authorities about early treatment options.
  • One of the biggest frauds running through this whole experience has been the denial of natural immunity in an apparent attempt to sell more vaccines. Obviously, natural immunity is the real thing (no, it´s NOT Coke!), and vaccine immunity is the copy. Vaccine immunity with leaky vaccines with lots of side effects is a guaranteed disaster, which we are living now.
  • The rules that govern the issues in the US include the following:
  • Meanwhile, the media must be generally distrusted under the current censorship, and we all need to do our own research. We ve seen too many examples of responsible scientists getting de-platformed and so on. Some alternative channels are trhiving as a result, one of them is Joe Rogan, and his two recent interviews with Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Robert Malone are examples.
  • Last, not least, to help quantify how all of our interventions have made it worse, Collateral Global is a good source.

The upshot is, the ¨pandemic¨ sold a lot of vaccines but clearly was completely fake, the tools and the knowledge were in hand to deal with it without a lot of fuss and with minimal loss of life. Some old and very sick people would have died, but otherwise, life could have gone on normally, and the various countermeasures probably inflicted damage that is, in the end, going to be hundreds of times worse than it could have been if we had kept our collective cool and done what normal people do.

The book The Great Covid Panic deals with this economic and political issue, but it was written before the magnitude of the medical claims was becoming very visible, so things are likely worse than the authors foresaw. Possibly the most insidious part of the whole thing is that Bill Gates seems to be acting as an unelected official on a global scale, and in collusion with Anthony Fauci , he seems to have created a global and seemingly legal drug cartel, which functioning because of massive bribery and corruption and seems to have relegated national governments to indentured servitude to the pharmaceutical industry. Again, Omicron may be our way out, if only people stop vaccinating. If they don´t, they risk wresting defeat from the jaws of victory, something our leadership has done since the beginning, almost worldwide. They have consistently missed all the exits and in the process run up the taxpayers’ bill beyond imagination.


Without any pretense to completeness, I maintain a small collection of the most essential works here. The exact order of importance will vary with personal background and preference, but I will list a few: