Dear Mayor Elect Adams

Congratulations are in order. You wanted it, and you got it, and I still think that at this time you have a lot to offer the citizens of NYC, and you are a living example as per recent press reports, such as the 11/03 article in the Daily News. Amidst all the good news, however, it is extra painful to realize that you have continually associated yourself with the odious, and probably criminal regime of heavy-handed corona management that has started to completely blow up by now. Right now, the rising tide of Rona Republicans is sweeping out the Pandemicrats. The people to watch are Governor Ron DeSantis in Florida and his Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo, in Florida as well as Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears of Virginia. So I am writing to you one more time, but it may be too late to extricate yourself from the avalanche of bad news that is already here. It continues to this day with Taiwan halting Pfizer for kids because of the myocarditis risk, and Europe mostly halting the Moderna shots for the under 30.

Radio outage at the CDC?

While you were out telling athletes that you would continue to support the criminal vaccine mandate, internationally the rate of adverse events from the vaccines in athletes are now running at 60x normal since vaccinations started. Doctors are quitting over the rampant problems and fraud around Covid reporting. A group of Swedish doctors is asking to stop vaccinations because of the evidence of fraud in Pfizer’s clinical trials. The Taiwan public health authorities report that from 3/22/21 – 10/6/22 more people are dying from the vaccine (850) than from Covid (845) (source: at 1:38:00 from an 11/2/21 presentation by Dr. Scot A. Youngblood, to the San Diego County Board of Supervisors). As per the tweet above, Taiwan now stopped Pfizer in young people, but we forge ahead, even proposing to seduce kids with icecream. In short, you are inheriting a major problem. Seeing you endorse the vax mandates over and over was a bit like watching someone catch a falling knife, since even Bill Gates seems to be bailing on the vaccines.

The predicament we are in was summarized quite pithily by Dutch Scientist Dr. Simon Goddek as follows:

How to take the whole world hostage in 10 steps. By Dr. Simon Goddek

Step 2: Provide the public with fake video footage (tipping over Chinese in Wuhan and piles of coffins in Bergamo)

Step 3: Create a fraudulent test that results in >80% false-positives.

Step 4: Discriminate scientists who speak up against the madness. The Science â„¢ becomes the only truth.

Step 5: Keep testing the whole world to justify totalitarian measures with so-called ‘cases’.

Step 6: Come up with experimental vaccines whose admissions are based on falsified data. Claim that they’re the only solution to get back to normal.

Step 7: Run a 24/7 marketing campaign and discriminate against those who reject to be Guinea pigs of the global elite.

Step 8: Suppress the truth about effective therapies such as vitamin D, melatonin, ivermectin etc. and call them quackery.

Step 9: Implement a compulsory vaccination by denying unvaccinated access to grocery stores and threatening them to lose their jobs.

Step 10: Declare unvaccinated people as murderers and terrorists. The door to totalitarianism and mass murder is wide open.

Vax Mandates, Passports, Face Diapers and more

  • Masks are useless. You know it, I know it. Try stopping a sandstorm with a fishnet. Hurrah for stopping masks in schools, but why stop there. Ignore DeBlasio, he is useless.
  • Vax Mandates Can’t Stop Covid’s Spread, wrote Dr. Joseph Ladapo in the Wall Street Journal a while ago. So why continue to support an urban fairytale. If the vaccines prevent neither infection nor transmission, but only claim to reduce the severity of the illness by an unspecified degree, why bother. The whole idea is a bust, and enough people understand that it is, so it undermines the credibility of the government.
  • Vax Passports are ridiculous for the same reasons, so please get rid of them.
  • In the process, we need to recognize that Natural Immunity is equal or better than the vaccines. We are presently up to 106 studies that say so.
  • The more information becomes known, the less the American public will tolerate what will happen, with the arbitrary suspension of the civil rights of the unvaccinated as the most outrageous example, especially so since the majority of them are likely immune naturally, but this is being ignored by the administration with no justification whatsoever.

Perhaps this doctor says it best:

Mamta Singhvi, MD, MPH on Vax mandates

You know better

With your depth of knowledge about the Whole Foods, Plant-Based diet, and the fact that you can read statistics, you will appreciate that, with 95% of deaths involving 4+ comorbidities and 65% 6+ comorbidities, as per C DC data. Clearly the problem is the comorbidities more than the virus. And we know what to do about those. You are the poster child for that!

In previous letters I have already referred you to the study on plant-based diets in this context, and the results that showed a 73% reduction in the risk of moderate to severe outcomes. That is better than any vaccine offers, and the side effects are all beneficial and include preventing or reversing nearly all typical chronic diseases which are the comorbidities for Covid. The SHARAN-India drug-free Covid protocol from Dr. Nandita Shah is the clincher that shows clearly that for healthy people, their immune system can handle a typical self-limiting respiratory infection like Covid. This coincides with the statistic that the under 70 have an IFR 0f 0.05%, and should not need the vaccines unless they have serious comorbidities.

Aside from the above there are the issues of our failure to teach prevention or early treatment, with everything from Vitamin D, C, plus Zinc and Quercetin to various re-purposed drugs. This was a national disgrace. NYC could have done better.

They are trying to kill us

I eagerly look forward to this new film. Your participation underscores again the idea that you understand the big picture. However, the problem goes much further. The legal drug cartels have long since co-opted the government, democrats and republicans alike, starting with the formation of a legal monopoly of allopathic medicine and the germ theory of disease in the Rockefeller medical reforms a hundred years ago. There is no public health in the US (or most countries), there is only population medicine, which in the end always goes to totalitarian “solutions,” like the vaccine mandates, and forced experimentation on the population. All the stuff for which 22 Nazi doctors were hanged at Nuremberg. We are living through it now. We don’t have any credible public health policy or management. Fauci is a drug developer, who made public health subservient to developing his new drug Remdesvir and the vaccines. No attention was paid to prevention or early treatment. Hundreds of thousands of lives could have been saved, but who cares, after all, we’re only in it for the money. All the way around, the focus is on profitable treatment over health, and the government is merely a sales arm for the pharmaceutical industry, and provides them with legal immunity to boot, although that is now likely moot because of the discovery of fraud in the clinical trials.

Right now the most burning issue seems to be child sacrifice, the vax campaign for 5-11 year olds. It looks like we are determined to do this, but credible experts around the world predict the risks far outweigh the possible benefits, and we will damage a lot of children, like 117:1. At least Sen. Ted Cruz is trying to prevent a bloodbath.

In many countries with high vax rates, the rona admissions and deaths are running at above year-ago levels, i.e. they are higher post-vax than pre-vax. Germany is the latest addition to that list.
Presently we also have speculation that Gov. Gavin Newsom, a rona dictator like Cuomo, Hochul and de Blasio, may have GBS after his last booster. If so, I predict that at that point the adverse effects stop being “rare,” namely when they happen to one of your own family, or professional group, they typically begin to be taken seriously. Until then, they’re just numbers, apparently. Historically vaccinations were stopped for far less than is the case now.

The Corona episode was the most outrageous demonstration of why we will never have healthcare reform. The entire country has been sold out to the pharmaceutical industrie since 100 years. All the politicians can think of is lowering the cost of drugs. The idea that anything could be wrong with our healthcare system does not seem to occur to anyone. You have a real opportunity in NYC, you bring the knowledge that many people lack. The only question now seems to be if you have the courage to use it. If you use your knowledge the right way, this city can thrive, if not, people will continue to migrate to other more humane jurisdictions. This rona tyranny is unsufferable.

As a side note, Alex Berenson reports today that India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Indonesia, with 2 billion people are managing just fine without vaccines and have no epidemic. All the coercion should have given us pause already, and if not that, then a Vienna brothel offering sex for jabs. Certainly better and more absurd than the bonuses NYC was offering.

A Note About Politics

The single biggest problem with this whole Corona episode was how much it was politicized from the get go. And how much the world reacted in panic, with the sole exception of Sweden, and predictably, the panic measures inflicted incalculably more damage on the world than the virus could have ever done. And to this day we refuse to learn from the few who did it right. In the US Gov. Ron DeSantis was first to come to his senses, but there was always the shining example of Anderd Tegnell in Sweden, who never fell for the Ronamania in the first place. In the interplay between President Trump and President Biden, the political element got even worse, preventing sane solutions. The captain of a ship is trained never to panic, for it is likely to make any disaster worse, but our political leaders in most countries followed their worst instincts and bought the Gates-Fauci panic paradigm hook, line and sinker, specifically:

  • Team Biden&Harris made their first unforced error when they picked Trumps inept handling of the situation as their campaign focus, ensuring that even if they won, they would lose, for they picked an unwinnable proposition as their signature focus. This is unfolding as we speak.
  • Rejecting the Great Barrington Declaration, was the next unforced error, passing up the opportunity for some actual expertise to weigh in on the issues, and instead ridiculing it. In Florida, Gov. Ron DeSantis actually took the trouble to listen and appreciate the common sense of it and act accordingly.
  • Instead, Biden&Harris committed yet another unforced error by propagandizing the second coming of Tony Fauci, as their solution, when the proof was already plainly visible that Tony Fauci was sacrificing public health to drug development, and was a big advocate of the unprecedented idea of quarantining healthy people. Meanwhile Trump was beginning to distance himself from Fauci by bringing in Dr. Scott Atlas, who displayed more common sense along the lines of the Great Barrington Declaration. Of course, today, events prove him right.
  • Another unforced error was the 100-day Masked Man Joe Show, stubbornly repeating failing strategies, when all the statistical evidence was already showing masks and social distancing were pointless if not counter productive, but Biden&Harris tried to sell us that repeating the same inane strategy would somehow produce a different result – still trying to stop a sandstorm with a fishnet. The virus however is a-political, and did not care. As I publish this on day 314 of 2021, this is now day 194 of reruns and a daily display of incompetence.
  • The vaccine campaign was the next blunder. and another unforced error. Just like the NPI campaigns, by avoiding focused protection and instead shutting down society, we de facto shifted the burden to the most vulnerable, the failure to apply the vaccines in a focused way, like is the purpose of an EUA, they introduced several new risks, resulting from this indiscriminate mass vaccination itself, as argued by many experts, including Dr. Geert vanden Bossche. We are harvesting the results now, as all the evidence shows that the mass vaccination has made the pandemic much worse. Again, by failing to be selective, even assuming the vaccines worked, the risk was shifted to the most vulnerable.
  • The unforced errors are being compounded right now with the child vaccinations that are accomplishing nothing except causing a lot of new medical problems for kids.
  • The denial of natural immunity benefited only the vaccine industry, and exposed 150 million Americans to the risk of being vaccinated on top of natural immunity, increasing their risk of adverse events. Another unforced error. It amounts to a massive human rights violation, and I will be glad to wear an honrary star of David or a yellow armband for the first restaurant that forces me to dine outdoors.
  • A final massive unforced error was the overreach by Biden seeking vax mandates, which has now been firmly struck down. Clearly, President Biden is trying to out-Trump Trump with his Rona-totalitarianism which is a massive violation of the Nuremberg code, far greater than the Third Reich even accomplished. While Bill Gates publicly calls the vaccines a failure, Pres. Biden still walks around like a wind-up doll with an infinite-loop tape playing vaccine commercials. So the chickens are coming home to roost.

Books are being written about this. The conservative press and some very good analysts are wondering out loud if the Biden team is purposely destroying the US Economy and they have a point. Certainly the handling of the Covid-19 issue by Cuomo, Hochul and DeBlasio left the city and state in a shambles. Your Mayoralty will have to deal with the fallout from this unprecedented public health fiasco. Very likely some form of Nuremberg 2.0 trials will come along, as well as endless private litigation, so for the next 5-10 years, we will be awash in rona-litigation. Meanwhile the economic costs will take generations to fix, and NYC is quickly going back to the days of John Lindsay.

I sincerely hope that amidst all that, you should be able to focus on what matters for NYC. I wish you good luck, for I am a strong supporter of important parts of your agenda, such as improving health with Whole Foods, Plant-Based nutrition. The very concept of lifestyle medicine is about a holistic concept of health, incorporating all aspects of health and well-being, not just the availability or the price of medicine. Implementing concepts like that will be material to the fiscal well-being of the city. Lower healthcare costs are key to making the economy work, and the Covid-19 episode was the worst possible outgrowth of the total selling out of public health to big pharma.