• Monday 6/24/2024 7- 9 PM Neerob Restaurant Dinner for Doctors about MCG
    The Premier Heart Multifunction Cardio GramTM is well on its way to completely replacing the EKG and several other cardiac tests, by offering unprecedented insight in the actual functioning of the entire cardiometabolic system, with a model that is based on 5 consecutive 82-second measurements of the total mitrochondrial activity of the body. Must RSVP, voluntary contributions.
    Keynote speaker, Dr. Bruce Feldman, who has been familiar this test for more than 20 years, and uses it in his own practice.
    The meal will be a sampling of some of the best Whole Foods, Plant-Based recipes developed by Neerob. Voluntary contributions/tips only. RSVP needed.
  • Tuesday 7/23/2024 7-9 PM Neerob Restaurant, Dinner for Doctors, Presentations on Lifestyle Medicine and the 5.5 hour CME/CE Course from the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and the Whole Foods, Plant-Based Diet, with support from Plant Powered Metro-New York.
    $25 per person, RSVP Needed.
  • Sunday 9/22/2024 Free MCG testing day for up to 25 patients, 8-12 AM and 1 – 5 PM. See my recent article on America Out Loud, on how the MCG test is driving the world’s best healthcare systems towards prevention and lifestyle change, more so than treatment and useless medical interventions.

Address information:

Neerob Restaurant, 2096 Starling Avenue, Bronx, NY 10462. Must RSVP below.