I maintain a newsletter and several blogs on related aspects of the paradigm change in healthcare, the metaphysics of health and healing and the practicalities of the Whole Foods, Plant-Based lifestyle.

Pharmageddon & Phoenix

My Pharmageddon and Phoenix newsletter is in the spirit of Joseph Schumpeter and creative destruction. It deals with the wrenching changes across the medical-industrial complex, the over-consumption of pharmaceuticals in particular, in the context of an overall change towards a reborn medicine that is now emerging primarily as Lifestyle Medicine and other disciplines, with their focus on disease prevention and reversal with natural means.

Hippocrates Says Blog

My main blog for this site, available from the drop-down menu, is focused on the innate logic of the Hippocratic dictum of Let Food be thy Medicine, and covering the entire range from the metaphysics of health and healing, to the paradigm change in medicine from materialism to metaphysical idealism, as well as the practical tools and techniques of the plant-based lifestyle

Starling Avenue Plant-Based Blog

This blog, also available from the drop-down menu, is mostly concerned with Whole Foods Plant-Based recipes, and based on my cooking classes as well as home cooking.