With years of experience with the whole foods, plant-based lifestyle and extensive involvement in the volunteer circuit, I am expanding into personal coaching. For years, I taught a cooking class at St. Helena’s church, and the fruits of that are still available on one of my blogs. During that time, I was involved with Plant Pure Communities and with Plant Powered Metro New York. Adding personal coaching, deepens my commitment, albeit on a small scale. I will take only one client at a time, as I have no plans of doing this full time, but I know many people need hand holding to make the transition to a #WFPB lifestyle.

I am increasingly enjoying my plant-based lifestyle, including figuring out how to make the most of it in an apartment in the Bronx. You’d be amazed! I enjoy helping others to realize the same, each with their own style. Recently, I have added Genius Insight Biofeedback to my repertoire. By incorporating biofeedback into the program, I am helping you track and solidify your progress. There is no point running a marathon with your hands tied behind your back!

#WFBP Integral Lifestyle Coaching

i will be offering a 3-month personal counseling program, based on doing a 21-day #WFPB jumpstart program, if none are available to you, you can do it on your own steam, as long as you prepare yourself properly.

To prepare, I suggest you read one or more of the following books:

In the first month we’ll set you up, and you’ll do your jumpstart. We will use the four leaf survey to track your progress. Biofeedback integrated into the program, starting at the beginning and then every week, with progress reporting. You will also track your own progress with the four leaf survey, until you can string a week of 4 leaf nutrition together. The cost for the three months is $999, and I will only take one client at a time.

I am not a doctor, and If you are taking medicine for any related issues, such as heart disease, hypertension, or diabetes and other nutritionally related issues, you need to make sure you have medical supervision for your jumpstart – you may need to have medications adjusted. Ideally you get your biomarkers before and after your jumpstart. This will tell you volumes. With the Genius, we will document your changes at the energy level, plus you do your own self-reporting.

We will also work on all the usual self-sabotage issues: you cannot do this with willpower alone that is doomed to failure. I integrate both nutritional concepts and help you with your focus on the spiritual process. I am indifferent to whatever spirituality you may practice, as long as you are willing to look at your resistance honestly.

Stay tuned for more information, or email me.