A Postscript to Eric Adams

Dear Eric:

It bothered me to see that throughout your campaign, you have kept on defending the vax mandates, without any regard for the human suffering that is being caused. Your (soon to be) predecessor sounds uncomfortably close to a rapist gloating about his deeds when he tweets this:

Again, I was raised in a medical family, right after World War II, and I still understand the meaning of the Nuremberg code. Twenty-two nazi doctors dangled in the wind for less than what is going on here today, involuntarily subjecting an entire population to a medical experiment. You should understand better and not associate yourself with this reign of terror.

If you are still unclear, consult Dr. Geert vandenBossche’s latest, Why can’t C-19 vaccine mandates be taken seriously? Around the world the countries with the highest vaccination rates have the highest Covid hospitalizations and deaths, why do we seek to follow their example?

The absurdities mount every day. Already, we have arbitrarily suspended the civil rights of the naturally immune, who are probably at least 100 million in number at this point, nationwide and therefore likely 3-4 million New Yorkers – at least.

The vaxports are another absurdity, for the vax does not convey immunity, nor prevent transmission. So we should be on guard for vaxxed people, and not for the naturally immune.

The vax comes with untold adverse reactions, and the only benefit it claims is a reduction in severity of the disease if you contract it. By comparison, a whole foods, plant-based diet offers us a 73% reduction in the risk of moderate to severe Covid, with NO side effects, unless you consider reductions in heart disease, diabetes, cancer and many other conditions an undesirable side effect. Evidently, the biggest public health threat is not a virus, but a weakened immune system. In my recent open letter to you, I included the YouTube Video of Dr. Brooke Goldner explaining this research. Hereby I do so again.

Again and again, we see the stats on Sweden, on Florida, on South Dakota, and now there is a class-action of several states against the Biden administration over the mandates, and in most cases the courts have thrown them out. There is the example of Czech Republic in Europe, another apparent island of sanity:

When are we going to get it? You want to go to Florida and ask NY exiles to return. Why would they – without the conditions they fled being fixed? It is time to stop the charade. If you do go to Florida, make sure you see Gov. Ron DeSamtis and Dr. Joseph Lapado, and find out why FL is doing much better than NY.

You know better. we have a comorbidity problem, not a virus problem. Two thirds of people who die from Covid had six or more comorbidities, 97% had at least two, as er CDC, here. I hope you will see fit to stop the insanity. The vaccines are failing. Natural immunity is the only thing that’s real and it is being ignored.

The economic devastation from the various pointless measures that were taken will take at least two generations to undo, if ever. Getting rid of Cuomo was not enough to stop the insanity, the new Governor is following in his footsteps and repeating all his mistakes, except bigger. When is enough enough? Repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result used to be the definition of insanity, but now it is policy. What gives? I wish you luck, you have a lot to offer this city, but you need to restore us to sanity.

A few more goodies

And finally, just like Europe, our government, Democrats and Republicans alike are OWNED by the legal drug cartel. It is time we wake up: