Medical Reformation

Leave it to Jeff Nelson at Vegsource! He has done so many wonderful interviews over the years, and his YouTube Channel has been a very important resource for many. Jeff has been particularly good at filltering out nonsense – he has a very sensitive bulshittometer, and there is plenty of that to go around.

The beautiful gift we have in our Whole Foods, Plant-Based and Lifestyle Medicine community, is the fundamental concept of plant-based nutrition as being really a new nutritional science, solidly rooted in the 70-year research career of T. Colin Campbell, Ph. D., and documented at a popular level in his books, starting with The China Study. Jeff Nelson has always been on the beat of preventing the message from getting watered down, and along those lines, he recently did an interview with Dr. Peter Rogers about his new book, Medical Reformation Vegan Renaissance Bible, and it is marvelous, not to be missed, so here goes:

The title of the video does not lie about it. I love the central message: “I are not God,¨for delusions about their own greatness maybe the single biggest stumbling block for doctors. What matters is engaging the patient in a healing journey, and giving them the tools. I adore how Dr. Rogers puts it all together, and this book is not to be missed. It belongs on your shelf, right along with The China Study, The Four Leaf Guide, Julieanna Hever’s Plant Based Nutrition, Dean Ornish, MD’s Undo It!, Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr.’s Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, and ACLM’s Lifestyle Medicine Handbook. These books, along with Dr. Peter Rogers’s new book would be my top shelf for Lifestyle Medicine (#LM) and the Whole Foods, Plant-Based diet (#WFPB).