Non-GMO Lifestyle Medicine

Reforming Healthcare in the Post-Covid world.

We collectively went nuts with Covid, the history of that is still being written, but it will not be remembered fondly, for the world lost it, almost instantly, and nearly without exception.


Recovering from Covid can be a challenge, especially with the apparently real issue of long Covid. Protocols are developing, such as by Brooke Goldner:

From personal experience, I was over it pretty quickly, but I do feel it was a setback in my overall fitness, but with time it got better, and as I am simply building more exercise into my routines, and maintain a healthy diet, it seems I am doing fine.

Recovering from the vaccines is another matter, but we are well advised to take it seriously. These vaccines were an outrageous attack on the body. The World Council for Health is one of the organizations that is developing a protocol for recovering vaccinees. There are probably others out there, but I have no need of being exhaustive here. To what extent full recovery is possible, I do not know. Some scientists, including Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, think that the damage is permanent and beyond recovery. People will simply have to do the best they can.

Chronic Disease versus Infectious Disease

The typical emphasis in Lifestyle Medicine has been on preventing and reversing the chronic diseases of which most people die nowadays. On the one hand, with modern hygiene, we tend to live longer, but at the same time we eat more refined foods than ever, including too much oils and fats and (typically carcinogenic) animal proteins, and that also means that these diseases of affluence can come back to haunt us more and more over time and especially later in life and make for a lot of needless suffering in old age.

Not only that, we have a medical system that focuses on symptom suppression and getting us back to the proverbial salt mines, which adds to the picture of allowing illness to slowly eat us up from the inside, and then in old age, when we can least afford it we end up with a constant medical crisis, attempting decreasingly effective symptom suppression, allowing the disease to progress in the meantime, and by that time we end up in an endless cycle of drugs and more drugs, and side effects and drug interactions. The healthcare system becomes just another drug dealer, keeping us alive till our next dose. Just watch how multi-pharmacy is a major problem.

There is a fine line between judicious use of medications for a patient who is taking care of themselves, or simply enabling an unhealthy lifestyle and creating an addiction to legal drugs. The majority of our ¨healthcare¨ does the latter – as every good drug dealer knows it is more profitable. The cash register rings every time a doctor says¨You´ll have to take this medicine for the rest of your life.¨

Meanwhile, it is clear from an actuarial analysis of the Covid-19 experience that the condition affected mostly older and sicker people. 67% of Covid deaths had 6+ comorbidities, and 95% had at least 4 comorbidities, and the mean Covid-death was above the average life expectancy. Later, when the vaccines kicked in, the deaths shifted to the working population. As has been detailed extensively by Edward Dowd, based on an analysis of financial results in life insurance, health insurance, and funeral homes in the second half of 2021, when the mass vaccination began to be felt. Evidently, the financial data is where the rubber meets the road, but I also liked his common sense in general. Similar to him, from the moment I heard Trump say the words ¨warp speed,¨ in the same sentence as the word ¨vaccine,¨ I knew this would be a complete medical fiasco, but I could not have imagined just how bad it would get.

If you study plant-based nutrition, it should be clear that this is not just about the prevention or reversal of various chronic conditions, but that it produces virtually immediate improvements in your immune system. Your gut flora changes within three days of changing over to plant-based nutrition, and the most easily measurable result is that it ceases to produce TMAO (Tri-Methyl Amyl Oxide), a particularly noxious compound that otherwise results from the digestion of animal proteins (meat, fish, fowl, dairy all the same). All of which goes into building a stronger immune system, for your intestinal flora is a core function in your immune system. Needless to say some research published in BMJ assessed that the best diet in respect of how the body handled Covid was a plant-based diet, which reduced the risk of moderate to servere Covid by 73%, as explained here by Dr. Brooke Goldner.

By comparison the popular diets high on animal protein, like keto and paleo, and other similar descendants of the Atkins diet, scored a 48% increased risk of bad Covid outcomes.

The bottom line is that the plant-based diet is just healthier all the way around it makes your immune system more resilient in the face of infectious diseases, and it prevents or can reverse many of out typical chronic diseases, which are not as ¨normal¨ as we are taught to think. We could also see that the Corona crisis was not so much a virus problem, but a comorbidity problem, and if therefore if the population were healthier, we probably would not have had any pandemic. This is what we knew anyway. Corona just brought it out, but then the vaccines distorted it, and transferred the deaths from the over 80 to the working age population of 20-64, and now they are vaccinating kids more and more.

The Germ is Nothing, the Terrain is Everything

Pasteur is reported to have said this at the end of his life (“Le microbe n’est rien, le terrain est tout”). That was THE argument of the day. It is certainly interesting to entertain the possibility of Pasteur changing his mind. We have seen a lot of new interest in terrain theory, with books such as Virus Mania, and Truth about Contagion. Dr. Tom Cowan did a brilliant video about our Pandemic of Not Thinking, which is what was (and still is) certainly going on on a massive scale. Virus theory does not necessarily make a lot of sense, regardless if you want to argue over if they do or don´t actually exist, the important issue is they may just be an epiphenomenon of ill health, and not the cause of it. Just like flies do not cause the garbage, they are merely attracted by it, and killing the flies will not solve your garbage problem. Yet we seems to be stuck in that model, perhaps mainly because it is profitable for the pharmaceutical industry. However, there´s more to it than that. We all have a pathological need to see the cause of whatever we experience outside ourselves. So it is more attractive to fight a virus, than it is to change our lifestyle and do something about those comorbidities.

Whole Foods, Plant-Based nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine are a practical application of the terrain theory of disease, and it should lead us to a whole new concept of health, more as resilience and ability to bounce back from challenges to your health. Absence of disease is not health, ability to overcome disease is health. We should never forget that in a sterile environment we die. Medicine forgets that all the time. Zero Covid is a dangerous cult, not any rational objective.

Cognitive Dissonance

In practice the challenge of Covid has posed a dilemma for many. Even in the lifestyle medicine community, I have seen doctors who have taken these vaccines, to the point that I wonder, why bother to practice a whole foods, plant-based lifestyle?

Then there is Dr. Tom Cowan, who teaches terrain theory, but completely ignores Lifestyle Medicine and a whole foods plant-based diet, but he can brilliantly explain terrain theory, yet he passes up the opportunity to practice it.

Or, there is Eric Adams, now Mayor of New York, who has done a lot for Lifestyle Medicine and the Whole Foods, Plant-Based diet, his book Healthy at Last, tells the story of the reversal of his diabetes, but to what end I wonder? He still fell for the vaccines, and needlessly extended the failed policies of DeBlasio, Cuomo and Hochul, in spite of the fact that he should have known better, and moreover, that the evidence was pouring in even during his campaign that all was not well with the vaccine program, yet he ignored it, and ended up making some of the strangest, most inconsistent and contradictory decisions, such as sports people could play unvaccinated, but your kids had to wear masks to kindergarten. He willingly co-opted the worst healthcare disaster we´ve ever seen, and made it the policy of his new administration.

To highlight the nonsense of the NYC Covid policies even more, Dr. Paul Alexander just updated his posting on the Brownstone Institute website to list 400 studies that have proven none of the lockdown and masking policies worked, but NYC stubbornly continues, even as it is clear that nationwide NY and CA had the worst health outcomes, and thousands of businesses have shuttered due to the restrictions. To highlight the absurdities of the NYC Covid management, Steve Kirsch offered the Mayor an $100K Challenge, a donation to a charity of his choice, just to sit down and discuss the merits and the scientific foundations of these policies. He has sofar not accepted the invitation and his mandates are sure to mean the death of thousands. Still, the genocidal drive for vaccinations continues to this day.

Perhaps most shockingly, I heard Dr. Dean Ornish say during an interview that he was fully vaccinated. It made me wonder, did he read his own book, Undo It! ? So why bother with the whole foods, plant-based diet, if you´re not going to reap the benefits of the greater health that it conveys? Personally, I took note early on of the actuarial data, and the risk stratification of Covid death by age and comorbidities, and I passed on the vaccines. I also followed the logic of Prof. Bhakdi, who simply pointed out that the risk of healthy people under seventy was so small that even if the vaccines had no side effects whatever, you simply would never be able to prove to statistical significance if the vaccines reduced the risk or not. Eventually I did have Covid, and I was over it in five days. As it turns out the vaccines increased the risk, of course, and did not stop transmission at all.

Non-GMO Lifestyle Medicine

Our healthcare system is likely to be overwhelmed with the adverse effects of the vaccines for the foreseeable future.

The blood of the unvaccinated will become very valuable, and we need a separate bloodbank for the unvaccinated. The healthcare system will collapse if they do not hire back the unvaccinated people they dismissed. We really need is a healthcare system for non-GMO lifestyle medicine, for that group will have some of the lowest health risk imaginable. We should form a Mutual Society to do so. We can always take reinsurance for specialist care or catastrophic cases, but this group would be one of extraordinariiy low risk in primary care, as well as in specialist care, for chronic diseases will be rare. The difference will be so significant that I dare say it is almost inevitable that something like this should come about. I can´t wait, and if I can help it, I plan to have something to do with it.