The Viral Delusion

A virus, Mass Formation Psychosis, and Paranoid-schizophrenic Ideation.

If you spend $4 trillion to mitigate the risk of the moon falling from the sky, you will certainly be $4 trillion poorer the next day and just as certainly the moon will still be smiling down on you the next day also. The risk was never that great to start with. Now you can also claim that the $4tn was well spent, for the moon is still up there, so obviously your insurance scheme worked. Maybe you want to do it again? Bill Gates will be happy to take your money

I said that.

Goethe famously warned the scientists of his time not to confuse the stuff they saw through their microscopes, which had just been invented, for reality. Goethe was one whose thinking was strongly contemplative and holistic in nature, he addressed the Gestalt, the totality of whatever presented itself to us. Of course his warning was not heeded, and we have been living the consequences in the most extreme form in the disastrous failing of this latest pandemic that might not even have been one if everyone took their vitamin D3, as Dr. Robert Malone argues, or at least got enough sunlight which is the preferable way of getting your D3.

The human inability to estimate risks is notorious and the corona crisis has been one magnificent demonstration of that. Eugyppus just posted a brilliant review of Bill Gates’ insane book, How to Prevent the Next Pandemic, which is definitely on the lunatic fringe, but unfortunately main stream at the moment. The bottom line is, it strongly suggest that the man borders on being clinically insane, for he seriously advocates that we should get ready to repeat all the things that failed this time, and which it will take us generations to recover from. In short, the logical consequence of the viral delusion is the descent into the utter insanity we have been living the last few years, and which Bill Gates wants to do more of the next time, except faster and “better.” Of course all he will do is prove once again that the concepts are utter foolishness, if we survive his current cure and if the world lets him. He seems stuck in an obsolete paradigm.

The Documentary

There are lots of ways to look at viruses, starting with the unresolved historical dispute about the relative value of either the terrain theory of disease or the germ theory. In terrain theory it is thought that physical illness attracts the germs, so that the germs are a symptom, but not the cause of the illness. In germ theory, the emphasis is on the germs, bacteria or viruses as the singular causes of the illness. Of course germ theory would also have to recognize that if you have a healthy immune system you are less susceptible and/or better able to fight the illness if you should become infected. Pasteur argued germ theory all his life, but at the end of his life he is supposed to have said that “The terrain is everything, the microbe is nothing.” These days terrain theory is making a come back, and Dr. Samantha Bailey has been one very influential presenter and author on the topic, as co-author of the book Virus Mania, and presenter of a growing collection of videos. She recently interviewed the makers of the documentary The Virus Delusion:

All I can say is this documentary is worth your time in spades. Once you see it you cannot un-see it, for it would finally dawn on you that killing the flies does not solve the garbage problem. Eradicating a presumed virus in a sick population will not solve the problem for the same reason: it’s the terrain, stupid! This was evident to many of us from the earliest statistics of Covid-19 by itself, for the Covid deaths were on average above the life expectancy, and 95% had at least 4+ comorbidities, while 67% had 6+ comorbidities, by the CDC’s own stats. In short, we had a comorbidity problem, more than a virus problem. Obvious to you and me, but not the CDC, or any of the institutions that were involved in shaping our policies in this area. The culture of the medical-industrial complex revolves around the germ theory of disease, for that is where the money is for their treatments, and profitable treatment, not health is driving the bus. Government has become the willing accomplice in this game. To question the paradigm is life-threatening to the pharmaceutical complex. The institutions like the CDC and FDA are protecting the industry from the consumers, not the consumers from the industry. They are guardians of the paradigm as has been demonstrated again by their recent efforts at censorship.

However, as we might know by now, the typical comorbidities are all largely preventable or even reversible with a Whole Foods, Plant-Based diet. I wrote about that at some length in my previous post, on Non-GMO Lifestyle Medicine. I also pointed out the matter of cognitive dissonance, in that many of the doctors who are such brilliant critics of the vaccine delusion, are operating in the anthroposophical tradition and and are influenced by such institutions as the Weston Price Foundation. They are mostly committed to having animal nutrition as part of our diet, be it meat, fish, fowl or dairy. They remain wedded to nutritional concepts that I would consider obsolete.

On the other hand, Lifestyle Medicine completely revolves around disease prevention and reversal with a whole foods, plant-based diet. This has become the rock to which the entire enterprise of Lifestyle Medicine is moored. I had a time when I believed that organic beef was a health food, and of course biodynamic beef is even better, but those days are behind me. In my youth, I sometimes had the benefit of raw milk from biodynamic cows, which may have been healthier than the pasteurized stuff you got in the city, but I would no longer recommend either one to my worst enemy, as I am convinced by the work of T. Colin Campbell that in fact casein is the most powerful carcinogen in our diet. I’ll skip the meat and dairy, thank you. If in doubt, read up on TMAO, Tri Methyl Amyl Oxide, if that won’t cure your taste for animal proteins, nothing will.

Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive dissonance is when we cannot see what is in front of our noses, because we are holding on to a paradigm that distorts our vision. it seems sad to me that the doctors who are the most brilliant presenters of terrain theory are stuck with this old-fashioned nutritional paradigm, which is itself the cause of most of the chronic disease people die from – old style nutrition messes up the terrain, if you will. At the same time it saddened me that so many Lifestyle Medicine doctors thoughtlessly accepted the Covid vaccines. I would no longer trust their judgment as doctors. The problem seems to be that too many of them are doctors before they are lifestyle medicine practitioners and end up still selling a risk avoidance strategy that actually may increase risks for their very low risk patients, if indeed those patients are on a Whole Foods, Plant-Based diet. To me it was clear very early-on, based on the actuarial data, that Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi was right in saying that there was no possible justification for these vaccines for healthy people under seventy, as the risk of Covid were already so small that it would be impossible to prove a reduced mortality benefit from the vaccine. The manufacturers wisely (pun intended) chose to focus on a presumed improvement in the severity of the disease, not reductions in mortality as would be normal. They must have known that was going to be a tough slog.

A plant-based diet however already provides a 73% reduction in risk of moderate to severe Covid.Paradigms are powerful and we have been so trained to think in terms of the mechanistic concept of a cause for every symptom, and a drug to treat it, that we do not see the proverbial elephant in the room, but just in case: Most illness is firmly rooted in our own neglect of our health. It is all about diet and lifestyle. Not only can you prevent or reverse all or most of the major chronic diseases, evidently having a healthy microbiome is the foundation of a healthy immune system. So, the viral delusion is just a projection, seeing the enemy outside as the cause of the disease, never allowing that we are in ill health because of our lifestyle, simply because we don’t want to take responsibility for our health.

The flies are attracted by garbage, but they are not the cause of it. Killing the flies will not solve the garbage problem. Solving the garbage problem will reduce the number of flies automatically. Same with a virus. We are looking at the problem upside-down. Medicine does this with most diseases and disease processes. Diet and lifestyle are the first cause of premature death, not to mention needless dysfunction and suffering in old age, and doctors (iatrogenic disease) and pharmaceuticals are the second leading cause of death. The symptomology: cancer, diabetes, auto-immune diseases and so on say nothing about the cause.

73% reduction in risk of moderate to severe Covid, Dr. Brooke Goldner explains

The handling of the coronvirus episode made it clear that public health is generally being confused with population medicine, which is a totalitarian concept. Be it ideas like Valium in drinking water, or fluoride, or any other wholesale measures such as mandated vaccination, these approaches sacrifice individual health and healthcare to a presumed collective interest. Public health would be about teaching hygiene, and healthy living in general, including diet and exercise, all the things that keep you healthy. All the more painful if the virus is not the cause of the illness.

To Virus or not to Virus

Being a lay person in this area, I am not getting drawn into the argument over the existence of viruses. As far as I am concerned it could be as with the double slit experiment in quantum physics – depending on the observer, it might be a particle or a wave. In the end it does not really matter if there is a virus or not – it gets to be kind of academic. For now, the case has never been proven, but once you realize it is about the terrain, about the comorbidities, and the virus is only an epiphenomenon, then it really becomes moot if there actually is a virus or not. It simply is not that important. The documentary also highlights various environmental toxins and general hygiene as issues, and they are major factors, but in general it is important to remember that the food you eat is an every day thing, so if you eat lousy food all the time, you are constantly undermining your own health.

What does matter is to realize how much we are wedded to the germ theory paradigm that we simply fail to look at the other possible perspectives, even though the evidence is smacking us in the face – vide the comorbidities. It behooves us to realize that the paradigm is held up by the pharmaceutical industry on one hand, and the individual psychological need to always project the blame outside ourselves. The Rockefeller medical reforms served to establish that paradigm as the only serious medical science and debunked everything else. A pill for every ill became the model. Psychologically this does two things, it reinforces the natural tendency to throw the blame outside, but also it creates a beautiful codependent relationship between doctor and patient. Surely ¨scientific medicine¨ knows everything, and we can safely rely on it and by our failure to take responsibility for our own health, we make ourselves a target for medical abuse.

Risk Assessment

What is on trial here then is not only this would-be pandemic that would not be a pandemic without the PCR-test that produces a steady stream of false positives, and turns medicine on its head entirely when it is used to start testing healthy people and telling them they are infected. What is on trial here is the entire medical industrial complex. We are now selling medicine like life insurance and prevention is entirely mistaken for things like “frequent testing,” and even anticipatory medical interventions that often do more harm in preventing imagined possible future outcomes. Sensible prevention of course should simply be healthy living.It all boils down to fear giving us bad counsel. Individuality is a paranoid schizophrenic phenomenon, we imagine ourselves to be more independent from the world we see than we really are – and in that delusion we constantly overestimate the threat. The reality is, you could not possibly afford the insurance against all the possible risks that could befall you. So to live in this world, you practice common sense, which was lost when fear of a “novel” disease agent made us all lose our senses, starting with a generation of public leadership who appear to have no common sense at all. Yes, we all will die, and there is no political future in making anyone believe they won’t. You will lose that bet.

What happened is a minimal risk, nowadays even Bill Gates has admitted it was comparable to the flu, was completely blown out of proportion by politicians on a power trip and the profit motive did the rest. We wildly overestimated the risk of Covid, and in our panic, we adopted counter measures against this risk that was not being rationally assessed, and invariably the counter measures proved worse than the real risk, which was not all that great to begin with. So we got into a frenzy and acted irrationally, and now we are sobering up from the intoxication as the bills come due in the form of economic destruction and the lasting health consequences of the vaccine damage. Human beings routinely overestimate new risks, and ignore familiar ones. Fear of the unknown “novel virus” led to an unprecedented bout of insanilty.

Mass formation, paranoid ideation

Prof. Mattias DeSmet from Belgium is imminently (June 21st) publishing his book The Psychology of Totalitarianism, and it is fascinating how the world is attacking his thesis already, for with the rona mania, we made a turn towards totalitarianism and we are still actively trying to cover it up. When Elias Cannetti published his Crowds and Power in 1960, the world was still looking for answers how Fascism, the Axis occupations in Europe, Africa and the Far East with their genocidal manias and World War II could have happened, and the book was welcomed by much critical acclaim. Today, large groups are threatened by this exploration which would expose the rona madness for what it is.

Based on my observations above, I am going to venture slightly beyond the book which I have not read yet, but I have seen several presentations by Desmet:

  • Individual psychology is a paranoid schizophrenic phenomenon in nature, for it always sees itself in opposition to a world outside, it does not see itself as a part of the greater whole – it’s the tip of the wave thinking it is separate from the ocean. Thus, on an individual level there is always a need to seek the cause of my distress outside, that is just how human psychology works. We only recognize it clinically as a paranoid schizophrenic psychosis when people are seeing things. The Viral Delusion suggests, and I tend to agree, that the virus is a case of “seeing things.” As I said above, even if it did exist, but it is not the cause, what difference does it make? All the information suggests, that it is at most a proximate cause, a complication, not THE cause. Along with that the supposedly “novel” virus fanned the fear of the unknown.
  • On a societal level, the medical industrial complex simply depends on the germ theory of disease for its livelihood, and since it is in the habit of buying influence wherever it needs, its influence is pervasive. We have learned nothing from the opioid scandal. If nothing else, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s book The Real Anthony Fauci, puts the story together in a convincing way, including how the government has co-opted the model and becomes the protector in chief of the industry it is supposed to regulate and financially dependent on it. These massive financial interests all maintain the paradigm come hell or high water. We cannot afford to be wrong here, except we are. The earth is not flat either.
  • The turn to totalitarianism is visible on one level in the confusion of public health with population medicine. Public health would be providing people with the information on what it would take to be healthy, including getting fresh air and sunshine, and if necessary vitamin D supplement, eating healthy, and in terms of society to be normal and to educate people to practice “focused” protection in the spirit of the Great Barrington Declaration. Population medicine is totalitarian in nature, mass medication regardless of individual health status, etc. We’ve seen this in the emergency of medico-fascism in most countries, with notable exceptions, such as Sweden, which became a shining example of the better way to do it. The lockdowns, masking, and vaccinations made things uniformly worse, all examples of the cure being worse than the disease. By using fear, manipulation and mandates, immune systems were depressed and the countries with the worst lockdowns fared worse as a general rule. Hence Desmet’s book appears at the right time, hopefully to help the world come to its senses.

Our healthcare system has been rightly called (by Warren Buffett of all people) a tapeworm on the economy, and the rona mania proves it again. Instead of doing the things that were healthy, our politicians who greatly depend on the largess of big pharma as a group, imposed regimes that were maximally unhealthy and with the vaccines sucked more money out of the population, clearly at the expense of health. It was all done by doing the exact opposite of what should have been done, if risk stratification had been understood more widely.

Joel Smalley just published a brilliant piece of analysis of the pandemic of cardiac and respiratory arrests. He has been one of the chroniclers of this absurdity of population medicine, extracting money from the population at the expense of health. The attraction of the population medicine approach, and the reason it is popular with an uneducated public, lies in the fact that politicians can be seen to do something. From that point of view it is immaterial if it helps or not, as long as the public does not figure it out, and keeps believing in the magic. That is changing however, we are now entering the recovery phase.


There is a long and growing list of people and organizations who have contributed to uncovering what is really going on and are helping with the recovery and I encourage you to do your own research. A major source of information is the German Corona Investigative Committee, but there are many others, Panda in South Africa, Robin Monotti in the UK, and Alex Berenson and Peter Breggin in the US, as well as many independent medical organizations such as AAPS, Americas Frontline Doctors. Globally there is Doctors for Covid Ethics, and the World Council for Health. Especially notable is the Grand Jury investigation in the “Court of Public Opinion” by the Corona Investigative committee, seeking to simply make the major evidence publicly available.

In all likelihood, it will take a generation (or more) for the lawsuits and the criminal prosecutions to play out, and we can only hope people will learn from it. Currently the death and suffering from the vaccines is becoming a growing phenomenon and with it, the evidence of the crime can no longer be denied, so it is all starting to come out. It was truly an unprecedented spree of crimes against humanity on an epic scale. Certainly on the level of individual health it is relatively straightforward to come to our senses and practice healthy living in all ways that matter. There are some signs that recovery protocols for the vaccinated are developing and it can only be hoped that some will prove useful, but it pays to be sceptical and do your homework. The damage will be long and slow, for people’s immune systems were permanently compromised by untried genetic modifications.