What do about Vax Injuries

More and more resources are showing up and the trend is very supportive of a Whole Foods, Plant-Based diet, except to say that some of these researchers still don’t know that all fats are bad news for your blood vessels.

This site is not about medical advice, but I do want to provide useful information, and then you need to work with a doctor you can trust, who will discuss this with you honestly. What stands out though is that diets that are good for endothelial health are top of the list and we know that there is nothing better than a Whole Foods, Plant-Based diet. So we’ll skip the EVOO, if you’ll pardon us, and we will stay with the accepted idea that you want to get 80% of your calories from unrefined carbs, 10% protein and 10% fat, meaning that all the fat you need comes in the form of natural presence of fat in beans, and seeds, and you can skip the oily fruits like coconut, and even limit avocado.

For some of us it was too late that we found out that a #WFPB diet already reduced the risk of moderate to severe Covid by 73%, as was shown in research published in BMJ, and discussed by Dr. Brooke Goldner on YouTube. There is ample evidence that adequate vitamin D levels are of key significance for reducing the severity of Covid-19, and reducing hospitalization by about 80%, while saline flushes are helpful if experience any onset of respiratory symptoms:

  • The best and most complete guide overall is without a doubt the one that is put out by WCH, the World Council for Health. It is printable, and includes links to many other guides.
  • Nattokinase + Serra, research – note that you can easily find natto + serra capsules from reputable sources, here is the report: https://hiddencomplexity.substack.com/p/nattokinase-degrades-the-spike-protein
  • NAC, N-Acetyl Cysteine, is high on the list. If you are symptomatic, take 600mg 2x daily, for maintenance take 600 mg daily, possibly with 500mg glycine.
  • Healthy food!!! Where have I heard this before? Here is a report from Walter M Chesnut, who has been investigating every angle of the Covid issue for a long time. this one is about endothelial health. As noted above, the research he cites ws blissfully ignorant that all oil is bad, so they made the typical mistake of assuming that EVOO is good for you. Leave it off. The rest confirms what we already knew.
  • When it comes to the purely medical resources, FLCCC, the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance may be one of your best options.
  • Elliott Freed, writes a substack, and provides background to his Vaccine Injury Project, which seems like it could become a good resource also. His first post on the topic was “The Healing Vaccine Injuries Project,” of September 22nd, 2022.
  • And lest we forget, there were vaccines before the latest would-be ” vaccine” (they had to change the definition), and Dr. Paul Thomas on his Against the Wind blog, the key article is his research findings that unvaccinated children have better health outcomes than vaccinated children.
  • Here’s some info for detoxing from metals, graphene and hydrogel from Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea.
  • The Wellness Company is another emerging resource, which seems to be offering helpful solutions for evertything from general health, to specifically the shedding of spike proteins, to covid itself, vaccine injury and long covid, which maybe mostly vaccine injury by another name.
  • You can even make homemade pineneedle tea for detox, which has been recommended by many to detox from the spike protein. I suggest you read up on this and other herbal remedies.
Spke Protein Detox with Pine Needle Tea

This corona episode has certainly opened a can of worms in terms of making vaccine skepticism main stream. My own childhood seems to confirm the experience of Dr. Paul Thomas. My MD father was decidedly a vaccine skeptic, and I had only one vaccine as a child, and I remember asking my father once, at around age 9 or so, why was it that the vaccinated children were sick much more than me or my sister? What Dr. Thomas found documented meticulously merely confirmed for me what I already knew.

If significant things come along, I will report them here. The overall picture seems to be that some people are fine, but the adverse reactions are running high and for the most part, what we already know about Whole Foods, Plant-Based nutrition, and the upshot is that you cannot undo the vaccination, but you can certainly live as healthy as possible and try to prevent complications. In the process we might remember specifically Dr. Esselstyn’s recommendation of no oil, which confirms the basic tenets of the whole foods, plant-based diet. Without added oil, you tend to get 11% of your calories from oil in such things as beans, etc. no need to add any (processed!) oil. It is all about endothelial health, and since the spike proteins and the graphine hydroxide in the vaccines damage the endothelium, this is one of the first things we can do for ourselves.

Dr. Esselstyn clarifies the no oil position.