Unified Theory of Holistic Health

Dr. Dean Ornish in his new book Undo It!, rolls out the notion of a unified theory of health, which is the perfect corollary to T. Colin Campbell’s thesis in his book Whole.

The basic problem which is sinking our healthcare system is that physicians are like the blind man and the elephant: they see symptoms and treat symptoms, but they don’t see the whole of health. I am posting the two key videos here – the should be seen in context. Campbell speaks to holistic nutrition and Ornish speaks to holistic health from a clinical/prognostic point of view.

Campbell on the meaning of holistic nutrition

Ornish exploring the Unified Tḧeory of Health

Standard medical practice is facing with the problem that if you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. That was effective to a degree against infectious disease, where pharmacological therapies helped – up to a point – they are starting to become counter productive now due to our over-use of anti-biotics. At least in infectious disease once you saw the symptoms, you could devise the treatment, but even there we ignored the fact that people used to have an immune system and that it is mainly our horrible nutrition that leaves us vulnerable.

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