Toxic Thinking and Recovery

The surprising success of the vaccination campaign is not surprising at all. It appears to be mostly the result of the brainwashing that goes for education. Conformity is the name of game for a herd animal, which at some level we tend to be. The German author who publishes under the pseudonym Eugyppius on substack recently published two articles to discuss this situation, and it is certainly food for thought:

One would hope we would learn from the experience and make sure it is never repeated, but at least sofar, therer appears to be not much hope of that. In the meantime, all eyes are now on methods to reverse the damage as much as possible, although it would appear that some damage may be permanent and irreversible, as we are learning since it was established in #PlasmidGate that actual DNA is in the vaccines. A powerful summary of that situation was posted by Dr. Ah Kahn Sayed on his substack.

Reversing Vaccine Injury

Today, top of the agenda is detoxification from these mRNA injectables. There are numerous protocols out there, but two main ones appear to be water fasting and the supplement protocol from The Wellness Company. There are numerous other options, so by all means do your own research. It will be a while before we can tell definitively what works best. Until then, let common sense prevail:

Again there are numerous protocols emerging and time will tell what works best for people.

However, on the positive side, we should remember that the #WFPB nutrition program, which would have been enough to avoid the vaccine altogether, as it is well documented to reduce risk by 80+ %, as also adequate Vitamin D levels would do, which are standard practice with people who seriously follow the whole foods, plant-based diet. With the addition of water fasting, you can often break through certain plateaus in your practice. And if you cannot get there alone, you may have to do a longer water fast under medical supervision at True North Health.