Restarting #WFPB Jumpstarts

It seems that healthcare 3.0 is the theme these days. Different people mean different things with it, but the trend is towards more DPC-type approaches, and away from institutionalized medicine, particularly because of the Covid/mRNA injection scandal. The country is more divided by the day, with Florida Surgeon General Joe Ladapo warning against the mRNA vaccines for the most part, while most states continue to push it, despite the growing mountain of bad news.

One way or another, this episode has eroded the confidence in our medical-industrial complex even further, and the shift is on towards people increasingly taking responsibility for their own health. One notable phenomenon is the growing interest in water fasting, among other things as a way of making the transition to a Whole Foods , Plant-Based Diet. It is also getting a lot of traction as a way to clean the spike proteins from the mRNA injections out of your system, and reverse some of the adverse reactions people are having. Using the water fast to jump start your transition to a whole foods, plant based diet, puts you on an anti-inflammatory regime that will be very helpful. It always was, but now even more so.

Water Fasting for transitioning to #WFPB nutrition

An educated consumer is our best customer, said Sy Sims, famously

That goes even more in healthcare, and I would suggest that better health education will be a center piece of the any serious healthcare reform. And healthcare reform will start with people leaving the medical-industrial system, including doctors and patients both, for it is stifling, and clearly it has now become a weapon against the population.

Informed consent was widely ignored during the Covid fiasco, in healthcare 3.0 it will be brought back and reinvigorated, exactly by increasing healthcare education. People need to become literate about healthcare fundamentals. People need to realize that it is their body, and that their own intuition should be their primary guide, but also use common sense in terms of maximizing all the known methods of disease prevention and reversal with lifestyle.

The medical establishment has become a major threat to health. The disabling impact of professional control over medicine has reached the proportions of an epidemic. Iatrogenesis, the name for this new epidemic, comes from Iatros, the Greek word for “physician,” and genesis, meaning “origin.”

Ivan Illich, Limits to Medicine: Medical Nemesis: The expropriation of health, 1976

We now have an estimated 30% of the working population with vaccine injuries from the mRNA injectables, They are either dead, or disabled, or sick a lot. The trend is not diminishing according to recent reports from actuarial sources. Myocarditis is one of the biggest complaints. According to recent reports about 50% of cases result in permanent heart damage. A whole foods, plant-based diet is strongly anti-inflammatory, and water fasting can enhance the results even more, so that should probably be the first stop.

But heart disease was the biggest killer already (700,000 deaths in the USA in 2021), so it is getting worse. What can help both patients and doctors most, is better information, and cardiology has traditionally not had a good track record in that regard. Many people have difficulty adopting healthy lifestyles, and surely better insight in the results can help.

Originally, “jumpstarts,” were 10 days (see the documentaries Plant Pure Nation, and From Food to Freedom, both on YouTube. At PPMNY, the 21-day format has become the standard, in hopes that a 3-week total immersion program is enough to help people to change their habits. The practice is to rely mostly on self-reporting (last physical) and keep an eye mostly on the following for before and after biomarkers:

  • BMI (height, weight, and maybe waist)
  • Blood pressure
  • Cholesterol (LDL/Total)
  • Hemoglobin A1C
  • Lipid Panel
  • C-reactive Protein (CRP)

Typical ranges of improvement are in the order of 20% for BMI, BP, Cholesterol and A1C. For CRP I have seen cases of vaccine injury showing a 75% reduction, and with water fasting that could probably be further improved.

However, all of these tests may indicate trends, and improvement is obviously good, but direct knowledge of the actual results is not easy to get with traditional means, not even with various expensive cardiac tests. Diagnosis in these cases is a sort of interpolation of a variety of proxy indicators. But now:

“Things are absolutely changing thanks to a newer cardiac testing technology platform that is starting to make inroads: Premier Heart’s Multifunction Cardiogram™, or the MCG. A 21st-century replacement of the obsolete 123-year-old traditional EKG, needing only two leads to nail its analysis. Using lead II (right wrist to left ankle) and V5 on the chest, data is recorded to perform six mathematical transformations that compare a patient’s data against a decades-long collection of 100% reality based, data-driven deep machine learning and neural network functions to express a vastly more dynamic insight into a patient’s physiological supply and demand functions than anything else like it. In other words, Premier Heart has successfully digitized the highly complex physiology of the human cardiovascular system.

The MCG test has 90-100% accuracy rating compared to the best platinum standard interventional cardiology diagnostic tools such as coronary angiogram, FFR, classical and functional syntax scores, nuclear stress testing, and beyond. More importantly, MCG detects the most difficult-to-diagnose heart issues where other conventional tests sadly fail, such as helping women suffering from the infamous “syndrome x” at vastly higher rates than men who suffer from tragically frequent misdiagnosis, helping prevent misdiagnosis of people with pre-diabetes or diabetes with metabolic heart dysfunctions… MCG is capable of detecting the underlying metabolic dysfunction effortlessly in less than 10 minutes at the bedside, non invasively, and at extraordinary cost effectiveness values. This unique capability has helped save countless lives already!

The most important aspect is the exceptionally unique capacity to detect the early stages of all the existing active heart diseases simultaneously, enabling timely disease prevention and reversal. Independent clinical investigators have executed multiple high-quality clinical trials vigorously and successfully to validate the safety and effectiveness of MCG in multiple countries In North America, Europe, and Asia. More than 3.5 million people from around the world have received the test, with the MCG saving tens of thousands of people’s lives and helped millions learn how to optimize their lifestyle to increase their life span. The FDA of the United States, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, etc, have cleared the MCG to enter the market, with treating physicians and nurse practitioners having already successfully applied MCG to monitor the positive impact of lifestyle optimization or necessary proven effective optimal medical therapy measures to keep everyone safe. Millions of People have lived longer and healthier, free of chronic diseases, because of MCG! 

MCG is the tip of the spear to usher in a new era of early detection and early warning of heart disease and allow safe and effective prevention disease reversal to save lives at the bedside for the best possible outcomes at the lowest possible cost.”

Here is the explanation:

MCG: Explaining the technology of this test.

Right now, I am working with various parties that may start to adopt this test, and eventually, I hope to achieve a new style jumpstart program in which the before and after will be measured with the MCG and become that much more medically actionable. Not only will doctors be able the quantify the changes brought about by lifestyle changes exactly, most importantly the patient can now be given highly detailed insight in what lifestyle changes can do for them. Plus, medically, the rate of improvement during such a 21-day full immersion program is important information in and of itself for it is a clue to the overall health of the patient and what they should pursue next.

I am working with clinics, doctors, nurses, paramedics etc. who are interested to perform these tests. It is done with a portable computer, so it can even be done by traveling nurses, including at home. We are changing the face of medicine, just when it is needed most. The USA is running ten years behind Japan in this area. All of the biomarkers that are traditionally used for the jumpstart would be irrelevant next to the incredibly detailed analysis offered by the MCG test. Healthcare 3.0 is on our doorstep. A ten minute, non-invasive test can diagnose myocarditis with certainty. Nothing else will do that. According to practitioners, traditional EKG is about 15% accurate.

Having said all that, in 2021 700,000 died from Cardiac Artery Disease, and 70,000 from Fentanyl, so whipped cream is still killing more people. Greater certainty in testing promises a new era for prevention and disease reversal. It did not have to be this way. Now we have a powerful new tool at our disposal. Separately, I am also involved with BCM Industries, where we hope very soon to roll out autologous organ repairs for various organs, including for the heart muscle, and this test will allow us to determine exactly when and where repairs should be made.