Healthcare Auto-da-fé

The Covid crisis has exacerbated the destruction of medicine like nothing else that went before it. The pact with the devil that started with the Rockefeller reforms of medicine, which simply postulated allopathy as the only scientific form of medicine with the ultimate goal of promoting pharmaceuticals (and selling more hydrocarbons) has led to a complete destruction of all credibility of allopathic medicine.

Before all this “pandemic” misery came to pass, in which the world, or at least most countries experienced a self-inflicted public health calamity that was largely created by the meddling of politicians practicing medicine without a license, the American College of Lifestyle Medicine was already charting a path that highlighted the fact that physician burnout is a real issue, and that Lifestyle Medicine is a healing journey for doctors and patients alike, because it restores the meaning of that relationship.

The opioid crisis rocked the faith in medicine, because doctors went bad in droves and swallowed the misleading information of another wave of new opioids eagerly, in spite of the bad history of opioids. Some became outright drug dealers and went to jail, but the overall corruption of the profession has severely dented the credibility of the medical profession. What matters however is to understand the thinking that led to it. The sales success of drugs is always based on an illusion, namely management and supporession of a symptom – pain, elevated to a clinical priority in its own right. Undoubtedly some drugs can be useful, but vast classes of drugs merely play whack-a-mole with symptoms and the underlying disease processes are not stopped.

Clearly, the Covid crisis has exacerbated the situation even further. Specifically, “do no harm,” and “informed consent” have been trampled to a degree from which medicine will never recover, not to mention the fact that the emerging Covid vaccine scandal is resulting in copious lawsuits and may yet end up in a Nuremberg 2.0 criminal case. Evidently 22 Nazi doctors were hanged for much less than the current scandal which is exposing the entire world population to a dangerous medical experiment. Medicine has never before tolerated the idea that it is ok to sacrifice people by the thousands to save a few.

It should be remembered that the political pressures have really created two problems, one about the vaccines themselves: the adverse reactions appear to be more numerous and worse than is being admitted and doctors are being put in the position of having to lie to their patients. The other is about the strategy, i.e. that indiscriminate mass vaccination has triggered rapid mutations and immune escape on the part of the virus.

For my part, I can attest to the fact that my personal physician completely lost my trust by offering me the vaccine. I was read up on the research that indicates that vaccinating recovered Covid patients increases the risk of complications at least four-fold, while evidently offering no benefit, since natural immunity is far more robust than vaccine derived immunity and most likely life-long. While the topic was raised with an apology, that is not good enough for me.

Lifestyle Medicine is simply the only hope for a reasonable healthcare system, but it will have to be framed in a comprehensive reform the world is not yet ready for. Clearly the American administration is so completely sold out to the pharmaceutical industry, as has been demonstrated in the Covid crisis, that there is absolutely no chance of meaningful reform. It will have to happen in the private domain where some doctors and some patients form new structures that will allow them to create better healthcare and better working relations between doctors and patients than is possible within our conveyor-belt healthcare system.

Medical Totalitarianism

The vaccine passport has been the absolute culmination of the absurdity and panic among the SARS CoV-2 developments. It has no logical justification and Prof. Martin Kuldorff just laid it to rest. Let’s hope the world listens to him, as the case is pretty open and shut: if natural immunity is clearly superior, and the vaccine prevents neither the infection or the transmission, vaccination is clearly only a personal medical decision, if the patient and their doctor deem the benefits outweigh the risks, but vaccine status could not be argued to be relevant to others. Here in the USA, the vax-passes have made a tentative appearance in a few places, but likely wont last very long. In the process they will further demolish the trust in both doctors and the whole healthcare system and equally elected officials who are practicing medicine without a license.

In every other way, the medical profession has wasted its credibility by spinelessly giving into the political pressure of a medically unnecessary and irresponsible mass vaccination program that is slowly but surely turning out to be no solution, but an extra complication, and responsible for a large amount of unwelcome side effects and adverse reactions including large numbers of deaths. By giving in to politcs, the medical profession sacrificed its own respect and credibilty.