Covidiocy Complete

New York has now falling into full-blast medico-fascism.

It has come to this. Along with many of my generation (babybomers) and older, the “never again” still rings in my ears, but we are now doing it to ourselves. Don’t even need Hitler’s troops to occupy the land. This is voluntary enslavement to a completely illogical idea, a complete contraditio in terminis:

  • If the vaccines work, no need for a pass, for you’re protected if you’re vaccinated.
  • If the vaccines don’t work, no need for a pass, nor a vaccine.

This is truly how simple it is. But governments in some 195 countries around the world have sold out to the panic and many, if not most people have bought into the madness.

Vera Sharav warned us early on in her testimony to the Corona Committee in Germany:

Evidently, that was not enough. Recently, I spoke with one of my oldest and longest friends, who is 87 now and in vibrant good health. Much like me, he walks everywhere. He is a concentration camp survivor, and he easily cleared Covid-19 this spring, as did I (at age 70, with 23 BMI) – a week in bed, so what. No need for medical experiments. He knows what the name Joseph Mengele means, unlike most people who never seem to learn from history, neither World War 2, nor Tuskeegee, nor the Swine Flu at Fort Dix, and its vaccination campaign which was stopped after 25 deaths or so. As of August 13th, 2021 Open VAERS already reports 13,068 deaths (likely only 1-10% of actual deaths), but that seems to be business as usual, and we hear that vaccine approvals are in the works.

Personally, I was steeped in the Hippocratic tradition as well as the significance of the Nuremberg Code by my psychiatrist father who wanted me to become a psychiatrist also. In his practice, he was one of the first to help with the establishment of Post-KZ syndrome (after Vietnam that became generalized as PTSD). He drilled the “do no harm,” and “informed consent” into me, and my relationships with doctors have always reflected that. There is no question that the whole Covid response has been driven by panic, and complete loss of all common sense, and the attack on human rights is appalling. The vaccination campaign in particular is a crime against humanity under the Nuremberg Code, specifically because of how informed consent was pre-empted by government propaganda, which was amplified further in the media, and now with mandates and vaccine passports.
Along with the Hippocratic ethics, there was always the foundational “Let food be thy medicine,” and today we know a lot more about nutrition, specifically Whole Foods, Plant-Based nutrition, which all by itself reduces the risk of moderate to severe Covid by 73%, as my own experience would seem to confirm. Evidently, this is the area that has my interest and it is the topic of this website, but it has a lot of relevance to the Covid situation also, for Lifestyle Medicine is all about supporting the body to heal itself.

Dystopian World: Fake Is Better Than Real

Ganz wie echt, aber viel schöner

German saying about plastic copies of real objects
(Tr: Like the real thing, except much more beautiful)

The most disconcerting thing about the whole experience is that not more people smelled a rat. Also, how long it took for any scientific critique to become available and how there was absolutely no effort to address any of the criticisms, even though many seem to be well-founded. Instead, there was active suppression of dissenting opinions and critical research by the media, the pharma industry and upto and including the White House, which has long since been co-opted by the pharmaceutical companies. Even if the vaccines had no problems, the deployment strategy should probably have been different, because mass vaccination would encourage faster mutation and on a strict actuarial basis, healthy people below 70 have an IFR of about 0.05% and you could hardly even prove to statistical significance that the vaccines improve on that (as first observed by Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi). The critiques of vaccinologist Dr. Geert vanden Bossche have been gaining traction as well, even if belatedely.

But the one thing that stands out most is the idiotic denial of the role of natural immunity, which from a public health perspective would be conducive to a state of herd immunity. Herd immunity being a condition where a sufficient number of people are naturally immune so the virus cannot propagate. The vaccines cannot do that, for the vaccines apparently do not stop either infection or transmission of the virus. Along with it, there is the whole culture of pointing fingers at everybody else. The overwhelming evidence is that the virus is dangerous primarily to the old and sick, for most people who die from Covid-19 have multiple comorbidities, with obesity in the lead. In short, the data suggests that the indiscriminate mass vaccination is an attack by the sick on the rest of society, exposing all of society to the risks of the vaccines, for the sake of a few sick people who might die a few weeks or months earlier than otherwise might be the case. At least in Europe, natural immunity is being recognized as being at least as good as vaccination. At the same time, the public use of this information is leading to totalitarian measures around the world.

In the US, natural immunity, which is biology 101, seems to need to be proven in court first. The lawsuits are rolling:

What the Covid vaccines do and do not do.

The absurdity of all this is that once upon a time we understood that natural immunity was the original and vaccines where the copy, a method to trick the body in to an immune reaction for diseases that were very lethal. This does not apply to SARS CoV-2 and Covid-19 with an IFR for the under 70 of 0.05% and barely for a population IFR of only 0.15%, meaning that in the under 70, if you even catch it, you have a 99.95% of surviving. Crossing the streets is more dangerous in many places. The point of vaccination was always to reduce risk. Today, we have vaccination by mob psychology, not evidence, as in the healthy under 70, the vaccines likely increase risk. For the people with comorbidities in that group, a medical assessment needs to be made and a decision under informed consent if vaccination is worthwhile.

The fact that many people are healthy enough to never even develop into a case, because their body’s immune system dispenses with the virus before they even become symptomatic means that herd immunity is growing faster than the rate of clinical cases. Estimates have been that at least in certain local areas herd immunity is beginning to develop, as is visible from the collapse in caseloads in areas with low vaccination rates. The current vaccines do not contribute to herd immunity because they do not stop infection and transmission. They are like black ice on the road to herd immunity.

As my old dentist once said: “People used to have an immune system, you know.” Herd immunity has always been understood, but the trade-offs of risk and benefit have been obliterated by the commercial pressures of the pharmaceutical industry which permanently overhypes the benefits of their products. The trade-offs are very simple however, if there is full disclosure of honest information about the risks of the disease, and the risk/benefit profile of the proposed vaccination. This information has been obliterated by government and media in the case of Covid-19.

Innumeracy and Math Phobia

It seems that in the so-called “free world,” all but one country (Sweden) lost their senses and the two biggest enemies are panic and mathphobia on the part of our elected leaders. A proper actuarial response at all levels of public health such has has been advocated by the Great Barrington Declarations, and by organizations such as Panda from South Africa, was blatantly ignored by the leadership, again with the sole exception of Sweden, which never shut down its economy and had all around good results.

  • Panic is enemy number one. Any ship’s captain knows that negligence on his part makes his owners liable for damages in situations that might otherwise be an “act of God.” Our politicians seem to think they are entitled to panic and still get re-elected, after imposing irrational, totalitarian measures that in most cases made the problem worse, not better.
  • The duty to mitigate damages in a problem situation is anonther principle that was pervasively violated by politicians. Most if not all measures that were adopted increased the damage. At the core of all these wrong decisions is a combination of panic, and innumeracy.
  • Innumeracy and math phobia on the part of most leaders have led to irrational actions that violated basic actuarial analysis. When you are responsible at a population level, you can never get distracted by focusing on the fact that aunt Suzie died a horrible death “from Covid.” There were too many incentives to put Covid on the death certificate and ignore the fact that statistically the vast majority of aunt Suzies had 4-6 comorbidities anyway, so they were at death’s door already. Both in therms of the Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions (NPI), irrationality prevailed, beginning with the nonsensical idea of quarantining healthy people, which inflicted untold and completely unnecessary damage. With the vaccines again, not to mention the avoidance of the preventive (Vitamin D3 et al.) and early treatment options.
  • For those who are brave enough to practice some elementary math… here is the evidence that all of the measures against covid accomplished nothing, except for ruining the economy of course: El Gato Malo presents.

Totalitarianism by any other name is still totalitarianism

The testimony of Dr. Vera Sharav should be enough for anyone, but the following video by Kate Wand could be very helpful also:

The amazing part is that we fought Word War II, to reject totalitarianism. Totalitarianism crumbled in the old USSR, where people simply knew that Pravda lied and no amount of lies or concentration camps or gulags will ever be enough to stop the people. Still, our elected officials are now going the same route, totalitarianism, based on a non-existent medical emergency.

The only reason we have a pandemic is because China co-opted the WHO and was able to make use of the panic and the math phobia of world political leaders to insinuate its policies (lockdowns, quarantining the healthy, as opposed to the sick etc.) to the rest of the world, while the pharmaceutical industry was always waiting for an opportunity to medicate all of the healthy people, because “health” arbitrarily limited their markets. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, as an un-elected arbiter of public health was the useful bag man to keep everyone on the payroll to make the case for the pandemic, because that is what they believe in.

Rational analysis however would show that before and after SARS CoV-2, what we have is a nutritional crisis, just consult the Global Burden of Disease. The rise of global chronic diseases is the major problem and almost all of them are related to diet and lifestyle. In a separate post, I will write more about all of the information that is coming together on that front. Overwhelmingly, Covid-19 deaths are older people with multiple (4-6) comorbidities, which are in turn all of the chronic diseases which are diet and lifestyle related, but which nobody seems to want to address. They can be reversed by diet and lifestyle changes, often without medications. In all, the failure to practice proper actuarial analysis, has resulted in blanket policies that have paralyzed society as a whole and have probably expanded and prolonged the crisis, as is shown by the example of Sweden and a few other spots. Now, with the vaccination the same failure to practice an intelligent, risk-appropriate and focused strategy has magnificently increased the cost, probably 10x to 100x of what a targeted approach would have cost in money and lives. Both our previous reality TV-President and our current Cognitive-Dissonance-President, are clearly co-opted by the pharmaceutical industry and behaved as if vaccines were the only option, even before they existed. Right now it seems that nothing becomes policy unless it’s been disproven at least a half dozen times. Censorship will not cure that.

Our policy framework in the meantime, seems geared to milking the crisis for all it is worth by the current crop of totalitarian leaders, from the White House down to Gavin Newsome, Andrew Cuomo, and now Kathy Hochul, who seems to have gone to the same school, and New York City’s Mayor Bill deBlasio. The likes of Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis, and South Dakota’s Governor Kristi Noem are some of the rare points of light who have gotten the response more right than wrong and are trying to prevent the worse human rights abuses as best they can. People are migrating.