#Pharmageddon, the Endangered Species List

Symptom suppression has been the longstanding sceptic’s view of allopathic medicine. It is really the direct result of the Newtonian view of the human body that became entrenched with the Rockefeller-created monopoly for allopathic medicine in America, which subsequently spread around the world.

In a universe of downward causation, to use the term of Amit Goswami in The Quantum Doctor, it is clear that the body is an effect and the cause is in the mind. The premise of allopathic medicine is treating the body as a cause. It is this confusion of cause and effect which predetermines the out-of-control spiraling inflation of healthcare cost that we experience today. The way this manifests is in the fact, quoted by Dean Ornish in his foreword to the Lifestyle Medicine Handbook, and in the Code Blue documentary, that 86% of healthcare dollars are spent on medical treatments for chronic diseases that can all be prevented or reversed by changing to a whole foods, plant-based diet. In other words, allopathic medicine is stuck in a rut, thinking that because all they have is hammer (read: pills and procedures), everything looks like a nail. Or, in translation, since the repertoire of allopathic medicine is all physical, the physical symptoms are mistaken for the cause. And then come, from the mouth of our legal drug dealers, the favorite words of all of #pharmageddon, namely: “You will have to take this medicine for the rest of your life.” At that point your legal drug dealer has done his job for the system, for you will be coming back for more for the rest of your life.

This post will be devoted to the “endangered species” list of the #pharmageddon arsenal, which is rapidly becoming evident as our experience with the whole foods, plant-based diet grows.

  • Antacids – The key literature here is Dr. Batmanghelidj’s classic book Your Body’s Many Cries for Water, which establishes the logic that antacids are merely the first layer of symptom suppression to address an issue of insufficient water consumption and bad diet. By taking the antacids – now conveniently over the counter, we are customers for life of big pharma, instead of solving the problem in three days by drinking more water and going on a whole foods, plant-based diet. Continuing with the antacids in many cases leads to a gradual deterioration that could end up on the operating table. This scenario is the dream of the medical industrial complex, for you are creating customers for life for ever more expensive pills and procedures.
  • Viagra, and other ED treatments. ED is merely the canary in the coalmine for Coronary Vascular Disease, and can be solved in 3-10 days with a whole foods, plant-based diet, and thereby prevent lifetime healthcare spending of up to $5 million dollars which is the value of a good, juicy heart patient.
  • To be continued…